Fiduciary Activities

Taking in deposit, on behalf of the client of financial funds and assets as result from the enforce judgment proceeding after the finalization of the litigation proceedings, a mediation procedure or a inheritance procedure or a liquidation procedure;
Transfer and exploitation, on behalf of the client, of the financial funds and assets, acting as trustee procedure;
Administration, on behalf of the client, of the financial funds and of the trustee assets;
Consultancy activities;
Operations of preservation of the substance and the value of the financial funds and assets;
Administration and capitalization of the investment made through legal specific operations for increasing the value and liquidity of the investments;
Activities as making fiscal statements and payments of the taxes or any other debts of the client in relation to the administration of the properties;
Taking over the incomes or other results of the investment;
Mediation of the fiscal operation;
Any cash operation in relation to payments, bank deposits, and compensations, reimbursements imposed by the nature of the activity.